20 November, 2011

Memory of older persons suffers because of dream infringement

At the Massachusetts university have tried to see, as the interrelation between a dream and memory at older persons changes. It was found out that, probably, for memory impairment in old age, the dream answers.

It is known that with the years the person starts to remember worse the new information, and at times and to forget that has well learnt at younger age. Thus many older persons often complain of a sleeplessness or an uneasy dream. To draw a parallel between these two phenomena scientists have invited 25 young men and 24 volunteers of 51-70 years.
The examinee have suggested to play a computer game which purpose was to find correct sequence of doors. So, at the first stage the player began with one of ten multi-coloured doors, in its following room three doors already waited. As a result the participant remembered to ten combinations of colours. The quantity of levels gradually increased with 2 to 10. Training came to an end, when the player four consecutive times unmistakably passed all ten stages.
Further the trained volunteers sent on rest – or 12 hours of a night dream, or 12 hours of day wakefulness. After that it was again offered to play with multi-coloured doors.
Predictably, young participants of experiment after a night dream were mistaken less, than after day wakefulness. And here elderly almost equally were mistaken both in the first, and in the second case. That is, scientists have come to a conclusion, the dream practically did not render any influence on consolidation of their memory.

Rubber shorts for growing thin of Japanese employees

Rubber shorts for growing thin MXP Calorie Shaper

The person is arranged in such a manner that it would like to receive everything, at once and, it is desirable, without applying special efforts. To concern it both career, and to riches, and to external appeal. Agree: though "points" about own figure – a female prerogative, even men would be enraptured with possibility not to refuse to in cold beer in front of the TV, knowing that epic occurrence of a chubby tummy it at all does not threaten. And it – without exhausting trainings and even morning exercices. A fantasy for idlers? No, realities of 21st century! Japanese have let out on the market innovative shorts for growing thin, and all other "zhiroszhigajushchaja" clothes envies them. After all the project has received, neither it is a lot of nor a little, the state support.

13 November, 2011

Eye Vibrato: a personal masseur for eyes

Eye Vibrato – a Japanese masseur for eyes.

Eye Vibrato – the next Japanese gadget which has been thought up for those from us who spends the most part of the life in front of the screen of the computer. 

12 November, 2011

"Antistress" for dogs will calm a waistcoat with the help... Embraces

The waistcoat for dogs will calm with the help... Embraces

"Heavy" days and stressful situations happen not only at people. After all to stress, as well as love, are obedient all: and in age, and kinds. But if homo sapiens, having returned after the hard working day home, can include a favourite serial, to complain in a tube to the girl-friend (friend) of injustice of the world or to think up other way of a relaxation canine friends should understand with the problems alone. Excessive aggression, persistence or anxiety of the pupil for which then also from owners gets becomes result. And after all for calmness the favourite does not suffice … simple  embrace.

Cherry juice normalises a dream

At University of Northumberland have found out that cherry juice possesses soft somnolent effect.

05 November, 2011

Walks, as short-sightedness preventive maintenance

Walks in the street reduce risk of development of short-sightedness. To such conclusion scientists from Cambridge have come, having collected in a single whole results of eight researches on this theme, — shares BBS.

Conditions, in which dews the person, are fixed at DNA level

According to the Canadian scientists from University Makgilla, children's experience is printed at genetic level. First of all it is a question of social and economic conditions in which the person grew, — in the article researchers share with readers of magazine International Journal of Epidemiology.

Physical activities rescue from a migraine

Moderate physical activities cope with a headache as well, as tablets. To such conclusion researchers from University Gyotenburga have come.

Bacteria from yoghurt do not influence our digestion

On the TV we continually see advertising of yoghurts which as manufacturers promise, normalise microflora of intestines and will force it to work, as hours. At the Washington university in Saint Louis have decided to check up, whether so it actually. Initial results are unfavourable — researchers share

Musical preferences of youth testify to narcissism distribution

Interesting law was found out by psychologist Natan DeUoll from Kentukkijsky university, having analysed musical charts for last 27 years: the youth, in particular, American, gravitates to a narcissism more and more, — informs New York Times.

24 October, 2011

The attractive voice and matrimonial fidelity are incompatible?

To an interesting conclusion the Canadian scientists at University Makmastersa have come, having compared a timbre of a voice of men and women with expectations of potential partners of an opposite sex. It was found out that owners of the most attractive voices more often others risk to be accused of inconstancy and propensity to changes.

Scientists managed to transform man's sexual cages into the female

As researchers from University of Minnesota, from the man to the woman – only one step have shown. For this purpose only it is necessary to know, what gene to disconnect, — scientists in the official press release share.

23 October, 2011

Sharks will present to people universal protivovirusnoe means?

In the Medical centre of Dzhordzhtaundsky university have studied spark skvalamin – holesterinopodobnoe substance, and have come to a conclusion that thanks to it weak immunity of sharks is capable to resist to many modern viruses.

Collectivists give bribes, than individualists is more often

Sources of formation of a habit to give "recoils" researchers from University of Toronto have decided to find. It has appeared that in bribery prosperity it is guilty … spirit of a collectivism, — transfers PhysOrg, referring to article in Psychological Science.

22 October, 2011

Gipertimeziya – supermemory in operation

Whether it is possible to remember all life thoroughly? It appears, yes. Live acknowledgement to it is actress Merilu Henner who remembers every day the life literally on minutes, — shares Daily Mail.

According to scientists such supermemory in medicine has the name gpertimeziya. It 20 persons on all globe "suffer" no more, than.
As to Merilu Henner which phenomenon now actively is studied by experts its earliest memoirs concern age of 18 months. This day as the woman remembers, she played with the brother. Interesting, but earlier was considered that the person cannot remember that occurred to it till two years.
After that she can tell events about how has spent any day about what spoke, what transfers went on the TV etc. So if for all life the usual person remembers about 250 persons Henner remembers their thousand. From this scientists also have drawn a conclusion that long-term memory is not selective, and in long-term storehouse pass all events which are processed by short-term memory.
Process вспоминания does not demand absolutely any efforts from Merilu Henner. It as experts speak, is similar to the ideal video editor who can precisely recreate any fragment of record.

20 October, 2011

How many waters should be drunk daily?

The British doctors warn what to drink on 2,5 litres of water a day – harmfully.

The first has sounded the alarm that everywhere manufacturers of the cleared water speculate, ostensibly with recommendations of physicians, therapist Margaret McCartney. As she said, the figure in 2,5л has emerged in 1945 year, when doctors have assumed what to fill daily losses of a liquid in an organism it is possible if daily to drink on 1 milliliter of water on each consumed calorie. Thus, it was specified that the most part of this norm should arrive with food, instead of in the pure state.
Within the next 50 years about this offer nobody remembered. Accordingly, no researches which prove advantage of plentiful drink during the day were conducted. Enterprising businessmen who have thought up to sell the cleared water, as usual, have pulled out from a context figure in 2,5 l and, thus, have created at consumers the raised demand for the goods.
Actually, doctors warn about that harm which liquid regularly consumed in uncontrollable quantities can bring is more often. In particular, about hyponatremia which is accompanied by dizziness, headaches, vomiting, an all-overishness.

The glacial age "has programmed" Europeans on love to fat food

The glacial age is guilty that modern people eat so a lot of fat food, — newspaper Daily Mail transfers referring to scientists from Aberdeen university.

Old men «behind trees do not see wood»

Experts from Research centre Juliha have shown that with the years it is more difficult to older persons to perceive a complete picture as they concentrate attention to details more, — transfers AlphaGalileo referring to the publication in magazine Cortex.

Memory depends not on duration of a dream, and from its continuity

As it is known, during a dream our memoirs pass from short-term memory in the long-term. Researchers from Stanford University specify that for qualitative course of this process not so much duration of a dream, how many its continuity is important, — transfers ScienceNews, referring to the report of scientists in magazine PNAS.

Chew and grow thin?

The Chinese scientists from Harbin medical university could prove experimentally that the careful chewing of food helps to grow thin, — Rejter shares referring to edition American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Scientists assert that the mankind has grown wiser to a limit

Some scientists have conducted parallel researches in the Cambridge university, and have come to unfavourable conclusions: the mankind in respect of evolutionary development of a brain has reached a limit, — shares Daily Mail.

Zinc helps to struggle with cold

According to the researcher from University of Helsinki of doctor Harri Hemila, reception zinc-containing preparations considerably reduces duration of cold.

Maturing at boys "has looked younger"

For a long time it is known that at girls the puberty period comes earlier, than at boys. As experts from Max Planck's Institute have found out, adolescent the period at boys for last 200 years also has looked younger, — is informed in the report of scientists published in magazine PLoS ONE.

All you need is love or sex against a cancer?

At the Australian national university develop the new anticarcinogenic therapy which basic component becomes … sex? The report of researchers on this theme is published in magazine Medicinal Chemistry Communications.

Ultrasonic accelerates healing of wounds

In the Royal infirmary in Glasgow use in quality wound healing means … ultrasonic, — shares BBC News.

Cigarettes are more harmful to women, than for men

The professor Elena Tremoli from Milan university has found out that for the woman harm which it puts herself, having smoked one cigarette, is equivalent to that the man feels after five cigarettes, — transfers Corriere della Sera, referring to the researcher.

Infectious diseases prevent to grow wiser to mankind

Scientists know for a long time that in one regions of the world people cleverer, and in others — less. Every possible versions, in what the reason of such law were put forward. In particular: environmental conditions, genetics, formation, national wealth etc. the New researches spent by Kori Fincherom, Christopher Eppingom and Rendi Tornhillom, have shown that, quite probably, all business in infectious diseases, — informs Scientific American.

Coffee invigorates only by auto-suggestion?

Vivacity which ostensibly gives coffee is, generally, result of auto-suggestion. To such conclusion have come at University of East London after experiment on volunteers, — shares The Daily Mail.

Excess weight gives in to active social life

To an interesting conclusion have come scientific at University of Ohio: the more at us personal contacts, the the fatty fabric is more actively spent, — Bi-Bi-Si shares.

Scientists were surprised with regenerative abilities of heart of newborns

Scientists from University of Texas have found out that in the first day after a birth heart of mammals can recycle on 15 %, — informs magazine Science.

Fluorescent band

At Sheffildsky university have created a medical bandage which will track quantity of pathogenic bacteria in a wound, and in case of danger will signal a fluorescent luminescence, — transfers The Guardian.

Eutrophy from an allergy

The French scientists from INRA have found out interrelation between a food of women during pregnancy and propensity to an allergy of their children, — informs Medical Xpress referring to the publication in Journal of Physiology.

Smoking does more silly

New attack to smokers have spent at University of Northumberland (Great Britain). This time scientists have armed with incontestable proofs that smoking fatally affects on cognitive functions and leads to memory easing, — shares Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Fizkltura sprvitsya disease

"A sound mind in a sound body", — popular wisdom confirms. Scientists from Arnoldsky school of public health services (University of South Carolina), seemingly, managed to learn, why it is valid so, — shares Journal of Applied Physiology. 

"Stars", will help to see the light?

Perhaps, any of us tested on itself such phenomenon as «sparks from eyes». For this purpose low enough to bend down, and then sharply to be unbent. In a science these "asterisks" are called phosphenes. (USA) were engaged in their detailed studying in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the first results of researches has shared NewScientist.