24 October, 2011

Scientists managed to transform man's sexual cages into the female

As researchers from University of Minnesota, from the man to the woman – only one step have shown. For this purpose only it is necessary to know, what gene to disconnect, — scientists in the official press release share.
In the basic photo predstavlenny cages semmenikov mice in which "have disconnected" Dmrt1. Violet  are designated granulyoznye cages, and green - a cage estrogen-sekretirujushchie.
Let's remind that the girl from the boy is distinguished only by one chromosome. Researchers have concentrated on genes Dmrt1 and Foxl2 which are responsible for synthesis of special cages – cages of Sertoli or granulyoznyh which, in turn, define, further in an organism will be developed spermatozoidy or jajtsekletki.
It was found out that the above-named genes all further life support a sex. So, at men Dmrt1 and Foxl2 counterbalance each other. And if Dmrt1 becomes inactive then "feminization" of sexual glands will begin.
Experiences on mice have shown that if to disconnect at adult males gene Dmrt1 in cages of Sertoli then in semennikah the female sexual hormone – an estrogen started to be produced, instead of testosterone. However, it has not affected external shape of animals in any way.
Earlier was considered that the floor is put at early stages of pregnancy and further does not change.
The fact became one more prominent aspect of opening that transformation of one sexual cages into others occurs besides deckman cages.

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