20 October, 2011

Eutrophy from an allergy

The French scientists from INRA have found out interrelation between a food of women during pregnancy and propensity to an allergy of their children, — informs Medical Xpress referring to the publication in Journal of Physiology.

In the research scientists of the French academy of Sciences leant against the results received earlier. In the previous experiments it was found out that in fish, a linen seed and walnuts there are polynonsaturated acids which favorably influence digestive system. New research has partly allowed to throw light on how it occurs.
Attention of researchers have involved n-3 PNGK . These acids raise permeability of walls of intestines. As a result of substance which produce bacteria symbionts, those that antibodies develop and strengthen immunity, can get is easier through covering surface of a digestive path into blood.
While experiments were spent only on pigs. Researchers also were convinced that n-3 PNGK promote the prompt maturing of immune system. Thanks to it by the time of a birth immunity becomes strong enough successfully to resist to allergens.

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