24 October, 2011

The attractive voice and matrimonial fidelity are incompatible?

To an interesting conclusion the Canadian scientists at University Makmastersa have come, having compared a timbre of a voice of men and women with expectations of potential partners of an opposite sex. It was found out that owners of the most attractive voices more often others risk to be accused of inconstancy and propensity to changes.

Scientists managed to transform man's sexual cages into the female

As researchers from University of Minnesota, from the man to the woman – only one step have shown. For this purpose only it is necessary to know, what gene to disconnect, — scientists in the official press release share.

23 October, 2011

Sharks will present to people universal protivovirusnoe means?

In the Medical centre of Dzhordzhtaundsky university have studied spark skvalamin – holesterinopodobnoe substance, and have come to a conclusion that thanks to it weak immunity of sharks is capable to resist to many modern viruses.

Collectivists give bribes, than individualists is more often

Sources of formation of a habit to give "recoils" researchers from University of Toronto have decided to find. It has appeared that in bribery prosperity it is guilty … spirit of a collectivism, — transfers PhysOrg, referring to article in Psychological Science.