05 November, 2011

Walks, as short-sightedness preventive maintenance

Walks in the street reduce risk of development of short-sightedness. To such conclusion scientists from Cambridge have come, having collected in a single whole results of eight researches on this theme, — shares BBS.

Conditions, in which dews the person, are fixed at DNA level

According to the Canadian scientists from University Makgilla, children's experience is printed at genetic level. First of all it is a question of social and economic conditions in which the person grew, — in the article researchers share with readers of magazine International Journal of Epidemiology.

Physical activities rescue from a migraine

Moderate physical activities cope with a headache as well, as tablets. To such conclusion researchers from University Gyotenburga have come.

Bacteria from yoghurt do not influence our digestion

On the TV we continually see advertising of yoghurts which as manufacturers promise, normalise microflora of intestines and will force it to work, as hours. At the Washington university in Saint Louis have decided to check up, whether so it actually. Initial results are unfavourable — researchers share

Musical preferences of youth testify to narcissism distribution

Interesting law was found out by psychologist Natan DeUoll from Kentukkijsky university, having analysed musical charts for last 27 years: the youth, in particular, American, gravitates to a narcissism more and more, — informs New York Times.