22 October, 2011

Gipertimeziya – supermemory in operation

Whether it is possible to remember all life thoroughly? It appears, yes. Live acknowledgement to it is actress Merilu Henner who remembers every day the life literally on minutes, — shares Daily Mail.

According to scientists such supermemory in medicine has the name gpertimeziya. It 20 persons on all globe "suffer" no more, than.
As to Merilu Henner which phenomenon now actively is studied by experts its earliest memoirs concern age of 18 months. This day as the woman remembers, she played with the brother. Interesting, but earlier was considered that the person cannot remember that occurred to it till two years.
After that she can tell events about how has spent any day about what spoke, what transfers went on the TV etc. So if for all life the usual person remembers about 250 persons Henner remembers their thousand. From this scientists also have drawn a conclusion that long-term memory is not selective, and in long-term storehouse pass all events which are processed by short-term memory.
Process вспоминания does not demand absolutely any efforts from Merilu Henner. It as experts speak, is similar to the ideal video editor who can precisely recreate any fragment of record.

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