23 October, 2011

Sharks will present to people universal protivovirusnoe means?

In the Medical centre of Dzhordzhtaundsky university have studied spark skvalamin – holesterinopodobnoe substance, and have come to a conclusion that thanks to it weak immunity of sharks is capable to resist to many modern viruses.
During early studies skvalamina sharks and lampreys which have started to be spent in 1990th years, it was found out that this substance is capable to contain growth of blood vessels. Then spark skvalamin have started to apply actively in anticarcinogenic therapy and to treatment of some eye diseases.
In too time scientists have found out that somehow skvalamin strengthens immunity of sharks and lampreys. So, it is known that sharks so have appeared for a long time on the Earth and so evolved a little that do not possess such developed immune system, as beings which have appeared much later. During too time, at such weak immunity of a shark and a lamprey are capable to reflect attacks of many modern viruses. Studying properties skvalamina, scientists, seemingly, have found the answer to this question.
It was found out that skvalamin, having a positive charge, gets in a cage and forces out from it fibers who fasten to negatively charged internal cover of a cellular membrane. In particular, fibers about whom there is a speech, are necessary for development of many viruses. Formed thus skvalaminovaja the barrier is insuperable to viruses.
Researchers have already tested miracle properties spark skvalamina on human cages. It was found out that similar protection well "works", in particular, at a fever of Denge, a hepatitis In and D. To strengthen health of any person it is possible through stops of feet massage which, it is proved, makes active protective properties of an organism. And here, as to other mammals the spark fat has proved the abilities in struggle against a mouse cytomegalovirus, a yellow fever, horse entsefalomielitom.

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