24 October, 2011

The attractive voice and matrimonial fidelity are incompatible?

To an interesting conclusion the Canadian scientists at University Makmastersa have come, having compared a timbre of a voice of men and women with expectations of potential partners of an opposite sex. It was found out that owners of the most attractive voices more often others risk to be accused of inconstancy and propensity to changes.

On experimental conditions volunteers should hear to the voice simulated by scientists and to express, whether they find its attractive, and also to inform, true or not, in their opinion, its owner (owner) will be the spouse. We will notice that experimenters changed exclusively a timbre of an initial voice, raising and lowering its height.
According to the received results of the woman find exclusively attractive low man's voices. During too time men consider as the most beautiful high female voices.
Let's notice that contrary to the received results, men, for example, are in most cases inclined to choose to themselves in the companion of life of women with lower, chest voices. According to the curator of researches David Fejnberga, the original instinct samosohranija, in this case protecting from the nervous experiences inevitably accompanying rupture of relations possibly, thus, operates.
Let's remind also that the voice timbre is connected with a hormonal background on which also depends libido. Thus, the above level of a sexual hormone of an estrogen or testosterone at women and men accordingly, the invariably is stronger bent for to romantic adventures.

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