20 October, 2011

Coffee invigorates only by auto-suggestion?

Vivacity which ostensibly gives coffee is, generally, result of auto-suggestion. To such conclusion have come at University of East London after experiment on volunteers, — shares The Daily Mail.

In research have taken part 88 inveterate coffee lover 18-47 years. They admitted that cannot wake up properly in the mornings, yet will not drink pair of cups of coffee. To check up prospective invigorating effect from this drink, scientists have made the following experiment.
To begin with participants should pass a series of tests for reaction, attention, to carry out the task for a while. After that to half examinee have offered a cup of the present black coffee, but have told that it decaffeinated a drink. Second half of group on the contrary: have given a drink without caffeine, and have told that they will drink natural coffee. Then have repeated a series of tests.
The result, according to scientists, speaks for itself: volunteers who believed that drank coffee, have improved the indicators. During too time of their colleague which have misled, assured that any vivacity have not felt and with tests have consulted badly. In general if you sit late, for example, on the Internet and write — or search world-travel, it does not mean yet that it is necessary for you to drink a coffee cup not to fall asleep. The main thing, believe in vivacity...

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