20 November, 2011

Memory of older persons suffers because of dream infringement

At the Massachusetts university have tried to see, as the interrelation between a dream and memory at older persons changes. It was found out that, probably, for memory impairment in old age, the dream answers.

It is known that with the years the person starts to remember worse the new information, and at times and to forget that has well learnt at younger age. Thus many older persons often complain of a sleeplessness or an uneasy dream. To draw a parallel between these two phenomena scientists have invited 25 young men and 24 volunteers of 51-70 years.
The examinee have suggested to play a computer game which purpose was to find correct sequence of doors. So, at the first stage the player began with one of ten multi-coloured doors, in its following room three doors already waited. As a result the participant remembered to ten combinations of colours. The quantity of levels gradually increased with 2 to 10. Training came to an end, when the player four consecutive times unmistakably passed all ten stages.
Further the trained volunteers sent on rest – or 12 hours of a night dream, or 12 hours of day wakefulness. After that it was again offered to play with multi-coloured doors.
Predictably, young participants of experiment after a night dream were mistaken less, than after day wakefulness. And here elderly almost equally were mistaken both in the first, and in the second case. That is, scientists have come to a conclusion, the dream practically did not render any influence on consolidation of their memory.

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