20 October, 2011

How many waters should be drunk daily?

The British doctors warn what to drink on 2,5 litres of water a day – harmfully.

The first has sounded the alarm that everywhere manufacturers of the cleared water speculate, ostensibly with recommendations of physicians, therapist Margaret McCartney. As she said, the figure in 2,5л has emerged in 1945 year, when doctors have assumed what to fill daily losses of a liquid in an organism it is possible if daily to drink on 1 milliliter of water on each consumed calorie. Thus, it was specified that the most part of this norm should arrive with food, instead of in the pure state.
Within the next 50 years about this offer nobody remembered. Accordingly, no researches which prove advantage of plentiful drink during the day were conducted. Enterprising businessmen who have thought up to sell the cleared water, as usual, have pulled out from a context figure in 2,5 l and, thus, have created at consumers the raised demand for the goods.
Actually, doctors warn about that harm which liquid regularly consumed in uncontrollable quantities can bring is more often. In particular, about hyponatremia which is accompanied by dizziness, headaches, vomiting, an all-overishness.

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