12 November, 2011

"Antistress" for dogs will calm a waistcoat with the help... Embraces

The waistcoat for dogs will calm with the help... Embraces

"Heavy" days and stressful situations happen not only at people. After all to stress, as well as love, are obedient all: and in age, and kinds. But if homo sapiens, having returned after the hard working day home, can include a favourite serial, to complain in a tube to the girl-friend (friend) of injustice of the world or to think up other way of a relaxation canine friends should understand with the problems alone. Excessive aggression, persistence or anxiety of the pupil for which then also from owners gets becomes result. And after all for calmness the favourite does not suffice … simple  embrace.
If you do not have time to embrace a dog each time when it needs it, it is possible to buy a waistcoat for dogs  Thundershirt. Thanks to the patented technology, Thundershirt puts constant easy pressure upon the pupil. It operates soothingly on the majority of disturbing and hyperactive dogs. "Embracing" waistcoat is recommended by cynologists and veterinary surgeons and, if to trust their comments and assurances of developers, Thundershirt has helped to resolve all over the world already tens thousand dogs the internal conflicts.

Waistcoat for dogs Thundershirt

The idea about therapeutic effect of embrace (not only for dogs) has come to mind to doctor Templ Grandin – to the expert on behaviour of animals, the doctor of animal industries at University of the State of Colorado. Ms. Grandin – autist, and many researches has devoted to searches of simplification of illness (by the way, about this woman of phenomenal mind in 2010 the biographic film «Templ Grandin» has been shot). The car for embraces »which by means of pressure calms hypersensitive people (including autistov) at the moment of stress became one of its inventions«. By a principle of this invention the waistcoat for dogs Thundershirt also is made.

The waistcoat for dogs Thundershirt will calm the pupil and will help it to cope with fearfulness

The therapeutic clothes for the four-footed allow to cope with the majority of the dog alarms and fears. Thundershirt it is recommended at occurrence of hypererethism or "hypersociability", causeless aggression, bark and fearfulness.
By means of soft lipuchek, the waistcoat for dogs is easy for dressing and regulating. As it to make, it is shown on video.

Thundershirt is one more example of that scientists together with designers more and more attention give to requirements of brothers having a tail (we already wrote about various devices for animals, for example, about tehnokurtke for a seeing eye dog). The dog – it after all too is a little person …

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